Isaac is an aspiring filmmaker at UT Austin's MFA in Film and Media Production program. He came to film through his older brother, Josiah, a voracious cinephile who showed him that there are movies worth watching beyond new Hollywood releases. After high school, Isaac followed Josiah to Carleton College where he got dangerously close to declaring himself a computer science major. Thankfully, a course on sound design steered him back towards film and he promptly declared Cinema & Media Studies as his major.

After graduating, Isaac freelanced as an editor and videographer in New England before returning to Minneapolis, where he worked for a summer as a lobby boy at the St Anthony Main movie theater. In the fall of 2015, Isaac returned to Carleton's Cinema and Media Studies department to work as their Educational Associate. This sparked an interest in teaching and pushed him to study filmmaking once more at UT.

phone: (860) 465-7899